Planet Java is local! Family owned and operated, Fresno born and raised.

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What’s New

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Our Commitment to

Our Commitment to


Quality is priority. We want to serve our guests with only the best. As coffee lovers ourselves, we know what good coffee tastes like and that’s exactly what we bring you, fresh grind, every day. We partner with Dillanos, which won Roast’s 2011 Macro Roaster of the Year award.


Giving great service every time is key. We want you to leave Planet Java smiling and happy every single time and remember that positive experience so you come back. We are committed to do whatever is necessary in order to make to make you happy. We value each and every one of our guests.


We’re local, real people, and we do things the right way. We will never sacrifice quality or service to make the bottom line. We will do anything and everything we believe to be right with a conscious effort.
Featured Items

Featured Items

Aztec Mocha

 The Aztec Mocha is a rare drink from Mexico. Not very many coffee shops have it so we are really excited to be one of the few that actually serve this tasty flavor. With hints of cinnamon and nutmeg with chocolate and coffee, it’s sure to please


We’re excited to partner with Straw Propeller, Gourmet Foods; a new oatmeal company that produces super fresh dried fruit on high quality oatmeal. We taste tested and inspected several different company’s products and by far Straw Propeller won! Enjoy!!


Okay, we’re bias. We really love our coffee so of course it had to make the featured items list. We have partnered with Dillanos, a roasting company in the US that won Roast's 2011 Macro Roaster of the Year award. It’s just too good! Come by and let us brew you a fresh cup!



We offer a wide variety of drinks. Even for non-coffee people! Check out our menu! view more Have any a new drink idea? Email us!


We do it all! - Catering - Coffee carts - Drive-Thru If there is area in your building that a coffee cart or snack bar can be set up, we’ll do it! If there is a wedding, shower, meeting, or anything, we’ll cater for it. If you need a quick order of coffee drinks, we’ve got you covered in our drive-thru. Just let us know and we will be happy to serve you!


We have Coffee Cart locations around Fresno including: • Fresno County Courthouse, • Kaiser Permanente Hospital • Fresno State Our Drive-Thru is located on 3862 W. Shaw Avenue Get more info


Come by and let us serve you the best coffee drinks Fresno has to offer. We like to think that by ordering a drink from us, you set the tone for the rest of the day: Happy. We appreciate the continued support from Fresno and all PJ fans through the years and look forward to serving Fresno’s best (you) soon!